Transition with Ecological Insight


Hello there.

Greetings to anybody that might have happened by!

After twelve years living in equatorial Africa our family has transitioned back to Scotland, the only country that we can call home. One where we will never need to buy a visa in order just to be here.

A lot has changed since we last lived here. We left Scotland as a young family – see this sketch of Spain pasted above  – in September of 2002. One year after 9-11.

There have been great environmental changes here in Scotland, great changes in Andalusia, stunning changes in Africa. Yes, there have been breathtaking ecological changes taking place absolutely everywhere.

These changes are creating massive challenges to our so-called civilisation. We foresaw many of these when we moved to that mountain by the equator in Africa in 2005.

The difficulties we collectively face continue to grow with each passing day.

Incredibly, to me at any rate, apart from a very few distinguished exceptions, nobody “in power” seems prepared to acknowledge the enormity of the unprecedented challenges that our species faces. Perhaps it is in their nature! Because to understand Nature above all one needs humility.

However if we are to maintain a toehold on this poor mistreated planet, if we are to survive in any way, we must start to alter our fundamental attitudes to the totality of life. Our attitudes to all of life. To Nature. To this planet. This is the absolute priority because our fundamental attitudes and intentions are what determines our physical activity.

Henceforth, despite it still being entitled “Africa-naturalists”, this WordPress site will be open to the discussion of almost any manifestation of our fundamental “interrelationship” with nature. Anything that might seem pertinent, to this belatedly humbled being, no matter where that interrelationship might appear to be taking place.

For Nature has no borders.

And because, even now, surprise is on Her side!


3 thoughts on “Transition with Ecological Insight

  1. John Parr says:

    The inability to mentally come to terms with global environmental issues is a result of “evolutionary psychology”. In simple terms, we are not genetically programmed to understand what we have been/are doing.
    Is the move to Scotland temporary or permanent.


  2. Debbie Hilaire says:

    Dear James, as usual you are so on point about all that ails this planet. We need voices like yours to bring attention to the plight of the planet no matter who listens or does not listen to the few sane voices amidst the din. Self destruction seems imminent at the pace we are going but thank god this lovely blue planet will continue to orbit long after we have gone. We will only destroy ourselves and whatever we leave behind will hopefully heal and become something wonderful again.


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