Feeding the Birds

We are Settling Down in “Novya Greenlandia”


Did you know that Greenland is growing green again. Antarctica too in December that is. But it’s the Fourth of July. It’s ecological independence time. I suppose it is today and it is every boreal summer day. These are long days of hurried melt out. By loving those stupid cars and flocking to the stinking malls we started all of this, and looking to our leaders LOL, “we” seem utterly incapable of stopping it.

So, despite the inclement dreich of Greenland’s transAtlantic airs we, the few – the Gaiasturmers, we may celebrate yet.

We Rejoice in the Resilience of Real Life.

Most enjoyable in my case by providing sky-support and cover for all the “Outlaw Birds”. My friends who nest in the abandoned corners of Globalistan. Those who survive and as yet thrive, under the see-through stairs of progress.  Those who nest, even up on the dirty roof of Davos.

Birds for all seasons. Long may they thrive. May they prosper and their intelligence evolve. Avian development, even if or when the good people of Scotland are no longer able to afford to share with them these scraps of food.

As you can see Ground Zero is coming on nicely.

Rewilding first lodges in the heart. Then it occupies the brain.

Biodiversity begins at home, surprise is on her side.


Lui – thanks for the photo.

A photo “REDUCED – STILL FRESH” – just like those industrial food scraps – who have been Sky-borne, and are once again up there, smiling with the angels.


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